As the owner of a website you will be no stranger to SEO and the constant battle to find new ways for your site to stand out and rank higher in search rankings. This can be a full-time job in itself and certainly a lot of resources can be deployed in this critical area. We have found that video can be a big player in helping create a landing page that gets respect and visibility from leading search engines such as Google.

If we are looking at video to enhance our SEO / landing pages, page load speed is certainly something to take into consideration – so the important thing to remember is that your site doesn’t need lots of video, it needs good video focusing on the user and conversion.

So why is video important and how can it help with SEO and conversion rate? Here are some important points to be aware of as you plan your strategy out:

  • A good video can help to demonstrate more clearly how a product or service works.
  • You can present information better on a video than via pure text or stationary images.
  • Video can help with brand recognition, just like a TV advert, but unlike a TV advert, your video needs to be clear and instructional, not offering abstract, subliminal messages where the viewer is wondering what it is all about. 
  • Good videos can increase the time spent on key pages of a website, so place them strategically and really think about the content. Time spent on a page is likely a primary factor in how it will rank, but this doesn’t mean you should make the video 20 minutes long/boring. Make it engaging so the viewer will either want to watch it again and again, or they will be tempted to read or watch other content on that page.
  • Webpages that contain video are often given a thumbnail image that makes that site stand out in search engines.
  • Making a video engaging means that it satisfies what the consumer wants. They are not necessarily after an artistic experience, but this will differ according to the nature of the content or your product/service. If you satisfy a consumer’s needs with a video they are more likely to return to your site, and also if you can project some trust and authority through the video that will also be of benefit.
  • If you syndicate your video to a platform like YouTube, this is an additional channel through which you can gain traffic to your site. Videos can be optimised on YouTube to gain relevant search visibility.
  • A final tip when considering video content is to also transcribe the content so the text can be read on your website. This enables it to be indexed by search engines and hence, is another way you can drive traffic to the site.

Video is an exciting medium for your business and your site, but like anything, it needs to be done correctly or it can become a hindrance. In terms of SEO and conversion rate we think that video should definitely be a priority as there are lots of ways this can help your site and ultimately, your business online.

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