Although many local services come to our attention through word of mouth, or having seen their work on a neighbouring street, Google is still the most common way for people to locate and purchase services from small businesses. And 46% of all Google searches are looking for more information on local services. So while the local grapevine may have its advantages for small, local businesses, Google remains the chief source of new business and lead generation, and the best way of doing this is through Google Local Service Ads.

Traditionally, you might think of Google as a search engine for a much wider scope and to provide greater visibility than just local businesses, but Local Service Ads have become a vital resource for both local people and local businesses.

What are Local Service Ads?

Local Service Ads have quite a literal meaning, they are adverts on Google for businesses who provide a local service. So these wouldn’t be online businesses who ship products all over the UK, national chains of retail outlets or large organisations who have a fleet of vehicles providing services around the country. Local Service Ads are for people searching for services in their region, such as home repair and improvement services, for example “roofers in Leeds”, “plumbers in Headingley” or for professional services such as “solicitors in Leeds” or “accountants in Roundhay”.

A Local Service Ad appears in search results with a small section for each business, in which the business needs to fit as much useful information as possible. So this would be a small image or graphic, alongside a small amount of text info, and a means through which to directly contact the business, ie. call, message, email or book an appointment. It is important that the business fully utilises the space available but uses the minimal space wisely, ie. uses the correct and most meaningful information and contact details.

How are Local Service Ads useful for small businesses?

The important element to understand about Local Service Ads is that users tend to be people who are already aware of what they need and are already considering a particular service. So Local Service Ads are known as a ‘low funnel’ tactic, because users are already quite low in the conversion funnel, they are already halfway towards making a decision and are actively searching. This is why Local Service Ads are usually used in tandem with an existing advertising campaign in another form.

A small business may already have a website or some form of Google Ads campaign which is designed to raise awareness more generally. A Local Service Ad is designed to target local users who have already shown an interest in a particular sector of services, and the ads will therefore appear on search engine results to specifically satisfy those interests.

How to make the most of Local Service Ads

In addition to offering as much direct information as possible on a Local Service Ad, in order to make a conversion decision much easier for a user, Local Service Ads allow a business to monitor leads and where they are coming from. Because Local Service Ads are a pay-per-click advertising service, you can see where leads and clicks are being generated and follow these up if they don’t necessarily result in a sale/conversion.

Local Service Ads can also work alongside the Google Guarantee Badge. This is a service offered by Google whereby they will guarantee the quality of your services. Businesses verified by Google will instantly earn customer trust and therefore gain more business. A verified business can use a green and white checkmark on their ads and Google offers a £1500 moneyback guarantee to users if they are not satisfied with the quality of work from a verified business. In order to achieve Google Guarantee Badge holder status, a business must first register for Local Service Ads. After that they undergo a comprehensive verification process involving various background checks.

Contact Aspiring Digital for help with Local Service Ads

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